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  Our Community Garden


  Trust Links, Greening Southend - Garden Work Party  


Our community garden wouldn’t be much without our volunteers and green-fingered gurus. We are extremely grateful to have had the Trust Links Greening Southend team working with us to improve the space and provide much needed advise on creating a sustainable, eco-friendly garden.

  Going Eco Friendly

We are working towards becoming a 100% nature and climate friendly garden.  Because of this our garden can look a bit scruffy around the edges at times. We don’t pull up every weed and those that provide food for our pollinators, are most welcome to stay.

  • Currently we use a retro push mower, so no electricity or petrol needed.

  • We don’t use any chemicals to supress weeds and pests.

  • We only use peat free soils and have been donated a bin, to produce our own compost.

  • We participate in No Mow May by keeping most of the lawn uncut for the month.

Future plans for the garden.

  • Next, we are looking to install water butts so that we can use rain water, and use less presious tap water.

  • We plan to create an aquatic feature, encouraging a wider variety of wildlife to complete our garden's eco-system.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 10.38.42 pm.png

  Our Volunteers


You don’t have to be an expert or even had much gardening experience to volunteer with us!

We are always very grateful to our Shoebury and Thorpe Bay residents who give up their time to help maintain the garden. As small as the garden is, there is always work to be done!

  Our Edible Garden

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